A designer/maker with a passion for combining mixed materials to create unique one of a kind & batch production pieces of jewellery & small objects.

With a background in traditional silversmithing & jewellery, Gilly’s preference to making is very much hand on, manipulating metals through the fabrication of forms, usually architecturally inspired shapes, hand tooling marks upon the metal to create surface & texture,  combining the strength of the metal with the softness of hand dyed elastic, creating jewellery pieces with a unique colour palette.

The use of elastic became apart of the jewellery workshop in 2001, after a desire to incorporate colour into a predominately silver jewellery practise.  A research & development residency in 2010 at DJCAD gained Gilly the time to create the skills to develop new dyeing processes which would take her practise forward, developing a new body of work, which is well received on an International platform, for mixed materials in contemporary art jewellery.

The use of colour creates a joyful quality to each piece, whether it be subtle shades or vibrant colours, the breath of palette allows Gilly to respond to any commission of colour.

Inspired by Gilly’s nautical surroundings, engaging daily with the changing hues upon the seascapes & landscapes,  each colour is a direct response to living and working in the small Highland fishing village of Plockton. Nautical architectural equipment scattered along the harbour, creates a starting point for each piece, using photography, sketchbook & sampling to document, research & develop every new piece of work.

Gilly’s jewellery practise began in Lancashire in 1997 and continued to forge ahead to this day, whether it been creating a collection of work for exhibitions such as Goldsmiths Fair, an exclusive collection commissioned by the British Museum, or supplying jewellery to national and international stockists. Gilly strive’s to push her practise forward, developing new skills, exploring the use of her chosen materials to create work that is identified as unique, contemporary & experimental.

Whether you choice to buy a String necklace or One of a Kind Neckpiece, each and every piece in Gilly’s collections have their own iconic style.